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"For the "Highway" some Philip Glass inspired music might be good, energetic,
full of movement, but subtle enough not to drown out everything else."
(Chris Eales)



"Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh on this day in 1847. Bell is generally credited
with inventing the telephone - he also dabbled with giant kites, flying machines and hydrofoils.
A commonly used unit of sound, the decibel, is named after Bell." (, 3/3/06)

"The first telephone call in the United Kingdom was made on this day in 1878 by Queen Victoria,
and it was a Scotsman to thank for the breakthrough. Alexander Graham Bell was demonstrating his
new invention to the Queen, and it has now gone on to forever change the world."

"June 1st is a day of firsts. On this day in 1880, the first telephone box was installed (in New Haven, Connecticut); ...and in 1946, the first television licenses were issued in the U.K. at £2." (

"On Jan. 25, 1915, the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, inaugurated U.S. transcontinental telephone service.... Perfect Test of Transcontinental Line Made by Inventors of Bell and Watson. 4,750-MILE RECORD SET. President Wilson, Mayor Mitchel, and Other Noted Men Participate in Celebration." (, 25/1/06)



"On this day [18 Dec] in 1856 Joseph John Thomson was born in Manchester, England, of Scots parents.
Thomson was an eminent physicist who discovered electrons and sub-atomic particles. He also invented the mass spectrometer and did a great deal of work on cathode ray tubes. Thomson was awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1906 and was knighted two years later. He followed in the footsteps of another
great Scot, James Clerk Maxwell." ( update, 18 December 2006)

Television Birthplace Plaque At Alexandra Palace - London.

Image © Jim Linwood via flickr

"On 14 March 1952, the first television programme was broadcast in Scotland. The programme
featured the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society performing the Duke of Edinburgh Reel."

TV-BBC Archive - Birth of TV / Crystal Palace / TV Anniversary / Facts & Figures

Black & White - Colour



"Apple's journey began in 1976 when two college dropouts - Jobs, a marketing whiz, and his friend Steve Wozniak, an engineering genius - filed partnership papers on April Fools' Day, their eyes set on building and selling personal computers. Another friend, Ron Wayne, opted out of the risky venture within two weeks. Their first product was a build-it-yourself computer kit. A year later, in 1977, the Apple II microcomputer was born. It was not the first personal computer but it was the most successful - a hit not just among engineers, but home users, too. Many credit the Apple II as the genesis of the personal computer revolution."
Apple Turns 30

computer games/multiplayer online games



History of the World Wide Web - Wikipedia / World's First Web Server - history of the internet in a nutshell; 1969-2009

"In a study by Zaheer Hussain and Mark D. Griffiths, it was found that just over one in five gamers (21%)
said they preferred socializing online to offline. Significantly more male gamers than female gamers
said that they found it easier to converse online than offline. It was also found that 57% of gamers
had created a character of the opposite gender, and it is suggested that the online female persona
has a number of positive social attributes." (wikipedia, 29/9/09)

"Web 2.0" = audience, feed, column, community, content, create, home page, link,
email,money, online, post, rss, share, syndicate, tag, users

"dozens of companies that are infusing once-static Web pages with the power, speed, and features
of sophisticated desktop applications. And by combining these online applications with the new
wireless and broadband communications ability of the Web, they are redefining the Internet itself...
people can do much more than store documents online. They can also collaborate, often in new
and unique ways. Groups can work together on a document, making changes that appear in
real time and doing so without the need to reload the Web page...[] allows
users to create their own home pages and columns and comment on every story.
Top stories are selected according to user patterns, not by editors. Users even
get to keep 90% of the ad revenue that their home pages generate....

"Power is shifting toward the individual, operating at the edge of the network and away from the giant
companies at the center of the network," says Michael Arrington, chairman of and
the founder of, a popular blog that tracks Web 2.0 companies...

"The content and brand emerges at the end of the cycle and it's created by the users," Young says"

[Troy Young, ex. vice-president & chief "experience architect"
at Organic, online advertising & consulting firm] - Are we becoming cyborgs

(The Net's New Age)


'Time Warner Cable added 880,000 voice subscribers in 2005, for a total of 1.1m in 2005", 16/3/06 (Time Warner is a trademark of...)

Skype...PC-to-PC calling service ...(Skype is a registered trademark of Skype Ltd, 2006)

Autobahn zum Sonnenuntergang

Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy
We worry that IM, texting, Facebook are spoiling human intimacy,
but Stefana Broadbent'sresearchshows how communication tech
is capable of cultivating deeper relationships,
bringing love across barriers like distance & workplace rules

This extraordinary book explains the engine that has catapulted the Internet
from backwater to ubiquity and reveals that it is sputtering precisely
because of its runaway success. With the unwitting help of its users,
the generative Internet is on a path to a lockdown, ending its cycle
of innovation and facilitating unsettling new kinds of control.

The Machine Stops

In 1909 E.M. Forster foretold of a time when we would all communicate via a
"machine", and of a time when the surface of the Earth would be inhospitable.

"a world in which most of the human population has lost the ability to live
on the surface of the Earth... Communication is made via a kind of instant
messaging/video conferencing
 machine called the speaking apparatus,
with which people conduct their only activity, the sharing of ideas and
knowledge ...and the resultant unwelcome personal interaction...

Timeless; a documentary by KS12 that focuses on questions about
identity, experience, time and place in a post-digital era.

Callie Del Boa An Idea for The Highway Scene, a wormhole of types.


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