Cross Reality Music Theatre / Opera

Book by Chris Eales. Music by Rupert Cheek.

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£7m Digital R&D Fund for the Arts is a partnership between the Arts Council, the Arts & Humanities
Research Council (AHRC) and Nesta.

National Operatic and Dramatic Association
"to protect & advance the interests of operatic &
dramatic art, and of societies engaged therein"

"Your future in acting, singing, performance,
stage management and technical theatre"

funder of new music across all genres.

"to co-create extraordinary art that connects with contemporary audiences providing innovative, engaging and inclusive digital & physical spaces for appreciating & participating in practices
in art, technology & social change"

"Furthernoise encourages new methodologies
& practices in creating adventurous music &
sound that is not bound by the constraints
of historically experimental genres" - Are we becoming cyborgs

Maria Popova: "The Web by and large is really
well designed to help people find more of what
they already know they’re looking for, and
really poorly designed to help us discover
that which we don’t yet know will interest us
and hopefully even change the way
we understand the world."

The Internet @ 40; Open University Podcasts

"Drawn up in the 1970s, IPv4 has room for about
4.3 billion addresses. The rapid growth of the net ..
the entire address space is expected to be exhausted
by September 2011 A replacement scheme, IPv6,
has been drawn up that has trillions of
addresses available ..."
(© BBC 2011)

"With the unwitting help of its users, the
generative Internet is on a path to a lockdown,
ending its cycle of innovation - and facilitating
unsettling new kinds of control."
(Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
J Zittrain unless otherwise noted.)

Virtual Reality Site

"New York Talk Exchange illustrates the global
exchange of information in real time by visualizing
volumes of long distance telephone and IP
(Internet Protocol) data flowing between
New York and cities around the world"

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