Cross Reality Music Theatre / Opera

Book by Chris Eales. Music by Rupert Cheek.

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Scene 1: Matt & Joe  (on the wreck)

Video created by Paul Liebert

Part 1: Matt wakes to Joe's call
(Matt is on the space station, is woken by Joe Creigh,
telling him there is a crisis on New Earth)

Part 2: Flashback about New Earth
(Matt recalls/shows the creation of the New Earth colony)

Part 3: Matt & Joe conversation
(Matt reluctantly agrees to go to try & help)

Scene 2: The Shuttle

Part 1: Entering shuttle & introductions
(Matt takes the shuttle, & meets Dale, Mian, Randall, & Rev. Stanton)

Part 2: Flashback of The Moon incident
(Matt tells the story of his history, tragedy on Moon that
made him a hero but left him scarred & broken)

Part 3: Intro to Dale / the Highway
(Matt learns a little about Dale, and then explains the Highway)

Part 4: Intro to Mian & Randall (Flashback to Tokyo)
(Matt learns about Mian & Randall, intro to their work in Tokyo)

Scene 3:  New Earth

Part 1: Arrival at New Earth, meeting Director Abe
(Arrive @ New Earth, discuss the crisis & plan with Director Abe)

Part 2: Entering the Colony, meeting Chief Cohen
(drive through Sector 6 of colony, sees beautiful place,
arrives @ disaster zone, meets Chief Cohen)

Part 3: Flashback to Explosion on the Colony
(Chief Cohen explains what happened in
the disaster on the Colony up until now

Scene 4: Underground

Part 1: Matt learns about Soul Studies
(Team is in the Train Tunnel. Matt asks Mian & Randall to explain
more about the nature of soul studies & their work in Tokyo)

Part 2:  Matt learns about the Reverend Stanton
(Reverend Stanton reveals info about his life and work)

Video created by Paul Liebert

Part 3:  Going through the wrecked Traincar
a) The team go through the wrecked traincar
b) it nearly collapses upon them,
c) they save Stanton from being crushed,
d) They arrive at the other end of the tracks, at
the research centre that was attacked

Scene 5: The Research Centre

Part 1: Going over the Gap in the centre
(The team have to climb over the gaping, burning hole
in the Research Centre, to get to other side)

Part 2: Meeting the survivors, finding the entrance to the Lower Level
(The team get to the other side, meet the survivors,
find the entrance to the lower level of the centre)

Scene 6: The Lower Level

Part 1: Exploring the Lower Level, contacting the Trinity
(The team explore the lower level and contact the Trinity
down in the lowest level, called the Core)

Part 2: Mian & Randall explain the truth about the Trinity
(Matt demands that Mian & Randall tell him who the Trinity are
and why they are here, so Mian and Randall explain...)

Scene 7: Into The Core

Part 1: Going into The Core, meeting the Trinity
(The team go down into the Core and meet the Trinity at last)

Part 2: Victoria speaks about the project
(Victoria; what happened to them until attack on the centre,
Trinity; make plans to evacuate the Core & preserve their work)

Part 3: Reverend Stanton attacks
(Reverend Stanton attacks, and is killed, but leaves
Matt, Randall, and Victoria trapped inside the glass chamber.
Victoria is mortally wounded & dying.
The others are outside the chamber unable to open it)

Scene 8: The Highway

Part 1:  Randall goes in, but gets trapped
(Randall goes into the virtual Highway to try &
deliver the work of the Trinity to safety, but he is trapped
& sends Matt a message for help

Part 2: Matt in the Highway
(Matt goes into the Highway, and finds his way to Randall at Trixie's Bar)

Part 3:  At Trixie's bar, Randall explains what happened to him
(Randall explains that he was chased by the Hounds who are
trying to destroy the work of the Trinity, & had to hide out here)

Scene 9: The Hounds

Part 1: The Hounds arrive, Matt & Randall escape
(The Hounds arrive at the bar, Matt & Randall are helped to escape by Sarah)

Part 2: The Hounds chase, Matt & Randall freefall
(Matt & Randall have to employ the dangerous tactic
of Freefalling to escape the Hounds)

Part 3: Victoria brings them out of the Highway
(Victoria brings Matt & Randall out of the Highway, saving them,
but they are now back to the same problem, trapped
in the chamber, with Victoria dying)

Scene 10: The Big Question

Part 1: The Trinity explain the true purpose of the Garden. The Trinity ask Matt to go. 
Matt agrees. (The Trinity explain that the Garden is a virtual universe
where a Human can transcend into, and live forever. They ask Matt to sacrifice his life
and transfer with Randall & Victoria, because 3 people must go at once for it to work.
Matt struggles with the decision, but in the end agrees, as it will save Victoria,
and will save the work of the Trinity)

Scene 11: The Garden

Part 1: The Creation of the Garden
(Matt, Randall & Victoria transfer themselves. Garden is created.
They explore the wonder of it, its potential. They go
on to the Highway in their new form)

Part 2: The Hounds Attack one last time
(The Hounds attack, chase them through the Highway)

Part 3: Freefalling & escape
(Matt, Randall & Victoria freefall and just manage to escape)

Part 4:  Sitting in a bar, watching the world go by.
(Matt & Randall sit in a bar on the Highway; Matt explains what has happened
since, reflects on his new existence & possible future for himself & Humanity)

The Garden

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