Cross Reality Music Theatre / Opera

Book by Chris Eales. Music by Rupert Cheek.

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Founders / Producers Chris Eales - Rupert Cheek

Music: Rupert Cheek (composer) - Derek Gifford (composer / performer)
Danny Reyntiens (actor / singer) - Marika Rauscher (soprano)

Virtual Worlds: Elizabeth Weiss Stenger & Ixmal
Philosophy / Additional text: Pamala Cliff - Eddie Conlon

Chris Eales - Co-Founder, Author
, Jazz singer, London

Chris May 2012

Rupert Cheek; Co-Founder, London, UK
Composer, pianist, drummer

Facebook music page / @rupertcheek

Elizabeth Weiss Stenger, New York, USA

Virtual Reality Consultant, artist, musician
"I am very much into art, photography & theatre.
I have been a member of the SCA since '78.
I have performed in live theatre. I have loved the net
from the days of BBS & am always fascinated by
the medium that has evolved into the new platforms
being created today. I am thrilled to see a Live voice
feed theatre involving new playwrights, old plays
& be able to video it for future displays using Fraps"

flickr / facebook

Working Virtual

Danny Reyntiens: UK

Actor, Singer -

"Anything for a high baritone/tenor acting age 35 to 45.
My CV is on the website. I would say the Matt guy
but I think I'm more the average guy
like the Cliff character"

Danny is also helping to organise the London fundraiser

Pamala Clift; Washington, USA

I work the Voice of SpotON3d & facilitator for
AgileDimension in project management.
Consultant for Universities seeking to
integrate 3D technology into curriculum.

Derek Gifford: Australia.

Songwriter, Sound Designer Effects,
mazykornfield / mikekrupkesbasement
audio movies & plays

Marika Rauscher; London, UK

Marika Rauscher is an international award winning Opera Crossover Soprano. With a vocal range to be envied Marika sings Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Cabaret and Contemporary/Pop styles, which have earned her singing credits in film soundtracks, TV and radio as a session singer & voice-over for the BBC, English National Opera, Microsoft & Academy Award®
winning composer Hans Zimmer.

Marika provides bespoke entertainment packages for Weddings,
Corporate and Private Events, as well as delivering Singing Workshops
and Singing Lessons in Central London where she is based.

Latest sounds by marikarauscher

"Operational Director Margaret Abe sounds like a
wicked character that would suit my voice personality type

facebook - @marikarauscher - youtube - LinkedIn

Eddie Conlon: Chicago, USA

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, lyricist.
YouTube - reverbnation - facebook
Find out more at Cheeky Promo

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