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Virtual Worlds

What do you know about the Virtual Worlds?

What are they?
Why do people use them?
How many are there?
What are the similarities and differences?

Second Life - SponOn3D - others
The Torch VW Guide aka The Torch SL Guide
is a blog that introduces Virtual Worlds to new users.

Second Life is probably the most successful virtual world.

"Linden Lab is the maker of Second Life ® — a 3D virtual world created by its Residents (people like you)
that’s bursting with entertainment, experiences, and opportunity. Second Life offers a uniquely immersive
experience where you can create, buy, and sell anything you can imagine; socialize with people
across the world; and enjoy live events and gaming activities." ( - Are we becoming cyborgs

Bella Rose shared some thoughts and questions about age and reproduction in Virtual Worlds;

We are also discussing the concept of time / age, esp within a virtual world

Paul Liebert "Is it not futile to attempt saving a world that allows its inhabitants
a mortal existence? It just doesn't seem reciprocal. Wwe live on through our children."


How old would someone have to be to live within the VR world?  If people don't age or die or procreate
then it poses some issues with age.  Children below a certain age would never grow up,
and if Claudia in Interview with the Vampire is anything to go by that doesn't go so well.
They could be made to appear to develop in the VR world but without the actual hormonal changes
in the physical body their mind would gain experience but possibily not mature emotionally. 
Unless every single person chosen to live in VR is childless how would it be handled if adults went
but their offspring were left behind? What would happen with pets?  Would real animals be put into
suspended animation with their people or would VR animals be created?  Would real animals
even be able to function in a VR setting - I think their brains percieve the world differntly than we do.
You can't have a world without pets; I guess you could but I wouldn't want to live there.
Would aging or not aging become a matter of choice?  Do people stay at the age they entered the VR world
or maintain the appearance of growing older?  Since people can't die (with no procreation ifpeople died
eventually there would be no-one left) what happens once someone reaches a certain age - do they start over?
How do you deal with the basic human instinct issue?  Other than the survival instinct
the rest get somewhat subverted. Food/water is not necessary, although one would imagine
you would create virtual food for people to eat and manipulate their brain chemistry to simulate
flavours and textures,but is it really the same thing? Shelter, again no longer necessary,
your physical body is in some form of stasis so it's covered. Sex and procreation, that's going
to be a tricky one.  What do you do when women's biological clocks start ticking? 
What about the need to grow and evovle?  Without precreation there are no future generations.
Almost everything you hear about trying to save the world has the tag "for future generations"
at the end of it. If there are no future generations what's the point?  Survival of the few for
it's own sake? If humans cease to evolve isn't that kind of the end of the species anyway?
Even if our bodies cease to evolve, would a VR enviroment possibly be the perfect setting
for intellectual evolution? We supposedly only use around 10/15% of our brains most of the time.
Would being in a world where we could create anything we dreamed or imagined be
the perfect enviroment for finally using the dormant part of our minds?


How do you reproduce in VR?
Or would the same group of people who went in
to begin with be it forever and ever?
Or would they have virtual children?
Would anyone ever die or live forever?
Would the person left in Real Life to watch over
whatever they use to generate the VR world eventually die?
Who would replace them?

Is there a family who's legacy it is throughout the
generations to keep the other world going?
And is this happening in some underground shelter on
our dying/dead world or in a spaceship of some kind?
If a spaceship would it also need a crew?
Within a virtual world couldn't you create perfection anyway?
People who for example couldn't walk in real life could walk inside a VR world.
If the world is dying how would our physical forms
be supported while our minds lived in VR?
Would we all be in suspended animation?
Would there be enough resources to put the whole world into that state?
If not, who would decide who got to be a part of it?

Perfection is a nice idea but it [doesn't] always work
out and those people who [aren't] perfect
[get] exiled so as not to adversely impact the gene pool.
There [are] whole colonies
on the outskirts of the cities of people who either were
born with imperfections or developed them later on.

Everything [is] really advanced, ... a new world, not earth, and
everything [is] genetically created for perfection,
even people. Very Gattaca really, but after we
had made earth uninhabitable

Errors in the program, it could make things unpredictable.
They would map the [virtual] world
they would live within, but if the program glitched
there could suddenly be unknown factors.

There is always the possibility of sabotage. You would always
have those who believe a virtual world is a corruption
of the human condition who would oppose it.

* © Bella Rose 2012

Time / Age

Elizabeth Weiss Stenger How do people age?
We create older shapes and skins.

Anima Technica In the virtual world, there is no time - everyone resides
in the now but what you know in the now is dependent on what came
before - so one does not get older physically but his knowledge base
gets bigger
. For RTS time exists as a function of the game i.e. building
resources, movement of assets cannot be instantaneous or the
challenge of the game is lost - a more apt comparison are first person
shooters - there is no 'time' - albeit there might be scenarios where
you have x minutes to complete a task, but essentially what you
have is just a series of tasks that need to be taken - but you
as a character is always seen on the 'now'"

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